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Learn How to Get Secure from the Applications you used

Don’t you think “Privacy” is needed? Lets us know why

Although we are enjoying the fastest communication world, we are not really satisfied with it. The main reason for this is with the technology, competition also has been increased day by day. With this competition, everyone is striving for standing in first position. This success is now being measured in terms of revenue. Our skills and knowledge are measured but not the ethics we follow.

Seems Right? Know more….!!!

This revenue now is being earned in many ways by not following the cyber security ethical rules. Securing the intellectual property of every individual is highly important. The major concern of the users is about privacy of the person information. There are many top companies which are standing in first place in violating the privacy of the users.

Do you really Enjoying ‘Whatsapp’? Even me too…!

‘WhatsApp’ which has become most popular now a -days has declared itself that it will share the privacy information to its parent company Facebook. This is being stated in its privacy policy that it improves business to customer communication.


Riding with Uber? Be Careful..!

‘Uber’ has been tracking the location of the customers even when they are not using the app. This has been supported by saying this helps to improve the services and improve the ride experience. It also paid fine for violating the privacy policy and providing the driver’s personal information to third party companies to track areal rides.

‘Google’ at Its best…! Know why?

‘Google’ always tracks the call logs, messages of its users but this information is provided to a china server which acted very mysteriously. This data is collected as part of advertising purposes.

According to health insurance portability act it is required to maintain the sensitive data of every individual highly confidential. But, this sensitive data is being sold to advertisers by Fitbit to make money out of the information that is being detected from the pulse rate of the users.

‘Pokemon Go’ – Most Entertaining Game…!! Isn’t It?

Yes Pokémon Go, world’s most famous entertaining game takes all the sensitive information from the users which take complete control of their google account like location, mails and browsing history. Thus, it improves its customers experience based on the survey they make.


Based on the social political, financial credit china sets the social score of its citizens. In this scenario Facebook has committed that it will share the personal data of its users to Chinese government. This means it has breached the right to speech in democratic government.

U.S Election got bad Impact...!! Why So?

‘Facebook’ has manipulated the actual news by changing the algorithms and thus changed the real news to fake news which impacted the U.S election to great extent. Headlines and new stories have been spread in wide range.

News Feed According to your search, Know how?

There are certain algorithms which are used to change the news feed that seen by people. This depends on the posts that we like and share. It also depends on the time spent by everyone to read certain content. Based on this analysis Facebook changes its algorithms.

What you think about Social Media? Is it Truly Helping You?

It clearly shows that social media is not following any ethics because it has also violated the civil rights of the people because it is discriminating the news feed based on the race and gender. This seems that equality among people is not being encouraged.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO said ‘NO’ to US Government, know at what instance?

There is an instance when U.S government also requested for a back door to Apple Company. But CEO Tim Cook did not accept for this since he feels privacy and right of speech is highly essential. Then government has replied that it has found some other way to determine this. This clearly explains to what extent there is a security privacy breach.


Yes…..!! Time is for you to Demand.

Now it’s time for the users to demand for better policies and rights to put this to an end. If all the data is being transferred and when there is continuous tracking it is not comfortable for them to go with it. There are certain theories which are present that helps us to know every situation and thus helps to take right decision.

Theories to know before starting using any application:


This theory explains that a decision should be made by considering the pros and cons of any situation. There are two basic segments of this rule; one is act utilitarian and rule utilitarian.

When act utilitarian is being applied we need to judge whether it is beneficial or not. This is considered when the private data of the customers is being collected and sold it for third party companies for advertising business this would lead to gain more income and economy would rise.

But when there is another situation it is essential to take opposite phase of it, which means since there is loss of privacy customers may get frustrated by seeing more online advertisements. Hence utilitarian theory of rules says that it is not acceptable to follow this and it is against the ethics. Bit lengthy? But it’s important for you to get protected from security attacks, so keep going

‘DEONTOLOGY’ Tells What Justice Is All About….!

This theory exactly helps to know what justice is. When there are several scenarios that need to be considered this theory will explain what is right. Facebook and several other companies are tracking the personal data of the people for online advertising which bring them huge revenue. But this is not maintaining the privacy policy of the individuals. So, by this theory it is essential to keep the laws enforced very strictly.


Don’t you Feel to know About ‘VIRTUE THEORY’

According to this theory irrespective of the actions of the person it completely depends on the behavior of person. Every individual personal character is essential and considered.

“Data needs to be protected, don’t you think?”

By this theory it states that data needs to be protected but it is also essential for the customers to take of this and put their, at most effort to do this. They should also be aware of all the privacy protection action that needs to be taken. Organizations should obey the behavior aspects of the customers and consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s comes the Final ‘CONTRACT THEORY’

In this theory, a contract is made such a way that it is beneficial both to the companies and users. As stated above it is mentioned that companies get paid huge amount of money from the ad agencies for sharing the data of the customers. Ad agencies use this for commercial purposes and pays additional amount to the organization.

Facebook and Google have agreement, Do you about it?

Yes, there is an agreement that is being signed by the ‘Facebook’ and ‘Google’ with Add agencies to make sure that the data that is being shared with them is not violated and use it for any negative purposes. If it is done so then there will be a huge loss of reputation and may cause several other problems.

What Finally ‘Contract Theory’ Results in?

Thus this contract helps the companies to make profits and at the same time it helps to secure the data and see that it is being used for right purposes.

A Kind note to every individual
“Please make sure you read the policies before you use the applications!”

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