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Do You Know, Companies Hiring Procedure has become Automated!

For any organization to succeed, highly skilled team plays a key role. Apart from the capital investment the other important factor companies look for is efficient man power. Companies now a day are going crazy in its recruitment procedures.

Not just a good academic profile is sufficient to crack an interview. High investments are made to find appropriate people that fit into the company by developing strong human resource team. But, these techniques and procedures are time consuming, won’t you think the same…!!!!!

Saberr- Innovative Project has found solution

London Based Startup “Saberr” has been developed to replace all the time-consuming procedures that are followed now. Saber is the Spanish word which means “to know”. Data Analytics is being implemented to study the information collected. This innovative project helps to predict whether the person fits in the organization or not. This prediction is based on certain algorithms that are designed.


Why Don’t You Hire an Employee Automatically???

Working Algorithm of Saberr…..

Initially they started collecting information about various people and observed their personality. Based on this they made some conclusions and were also able to know their behavior with others. For example, they could predict whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert.

But, these algorithms are just based on the characteristics and interests which are unique to every person. They then found it is important to analyze how these people would behave and tolerate other people. Now a new algorithm has been developed to see how people would behave when they work in teams and how tolerant they would be and value others. For this, mapping has been done among the teams of different values.

Now it’s easy to check whether employee fit to your current team or not?

Saberr can easily predict whether a person can work collectively with the existing team or not. Thus, it helps to develop coordination among team members. This will result an organization with excellent team work and improve the outcomes. Based on this algorithm the hiring team will receive a score to the candidate. The score will range from 0 to 100. If a candidate is given 100 it means he is the most efficient to work with.

Absolute Prediction

Best outcomes are expected with excellent team work. Success of an organization or entire team depends on the involvement they have and personal relationships they maintain with each other.


To predict whether this is possible or not a computational testing is required in advance. Thus, it will avoid unhealthy team works and reduce the stress among the people and put their maximum efforts for success of a team or organization. Saberr helps the organizations in this way!

Industries Started Implementing Automated Hiring, then Why Can't You?

Many industries are paving their way to innovation and automation. This change will help to dwell in the market. Deloitte, Capco and Ebury has already started implementing this product and is enjoying the results. Banking sector and Legal companies are not seeking to adapt this automation as they need be highly secured.

Shepherd 27 years old, the founder of the product states that they are facing challenges and are in the journey of learning.

Soon there will be a rapid change in the hiring procedures!

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