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Online Reputation Management - Sixpath Technologies?

Sixpath Technologies know the value or importance of Online Reputation management in digital marketing. Sixpath Technologies ORM service assists to remove negative reviews about a company from search engines, remove hidden content.

No more of Negative Reviews if you opt for Sixpath Technologies for ORM..!

For any brand, reputation will be first priority so they never want that someone adds bad reviews about their products. To remove this, we take help from ORM Services. ORM has involved in placing new content online that pushes old or unwanted content lower in search results.


How Online Reputation Management Drive Your Customer:

Online reputation management (ORM) is the act of monitoring, addressing or reducing search engine result pages or mentions in online media and web content. It is all about control of an individual's or business's reputation.

Online reputation management (ORM) is the act of monitoring, addressing or reducing search engine result pages or mentions in online media and web content. It is all about control of an individual's or business's reputation.

Impact of Online Reputation Management:

75% online users are more likely to go through negative material available through searches as opposed to reading positive articles and information. This is to an extent can be attributed to social media that has made spreading negative content an easy job. People are interested to talk about brands, celebrities, events, and everything that they like or see around them. Being a marketer, you have to listen to their comments and analyze everything that they are saying about your brand, and how is it affecting your business

Online Reputation Management Tools:

Content: Content plays vital role in ORM. You can publish images, content, books, videos, and podcasts.

Platforms: There are various platforms to publish content, including twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogs, directories, forums, and YouTube.

SEO: You can go for SEO, which is the process of increasing the visibility of a website on the search engines. Get more and more natural traffic, free traffic and promote our services or product on search engines.

Strategy: Every online reputation is not same. Managing strategies requires a goal, strategic plan, and timetable. It is well worth the effort.


5 Free Online Reputation Management Checking Tools:

Just remember back in the day when search results were just ten blue text links on a page?

Then, the search results were so simple that reputation management was pretty straightforward. You could clearly see if those blue links connected to positive content then you could conclude that your reputation was great.

Unfortunately, things are not so easy present. Universal search, number of complaint websites, social media, wikis, forums and other platforms have increased those ORM touch points from 1 to an increasingly large number. Ultimately, monitoring of all of these different sites for the purpose of protecting your image can get tricky.

There are many tools you can get help from to check and monitor your reputation, and what we don’t want to do is rehash the ones you’ve already read about ad nauseam. The list I have compiled below contains five tools to check your reputation in ways you might not have considered. Let us get started.

1. UberSuggest:

Have you ever heard about Google Auto complete and I’m interested in Auto complete because it is the first impression you or your company makes online. Before the search results even show up, those Autocomplete results are displayed in the drop-down from the search bar. If you take care about your online reputation, these Autocomplete keywords are incredibly important to be aware of and manage.

UberSuggest.org is a tool that shows you many different variations of your Autocomplete values. For example, if you type Xerox, Uber Suggest will show you what displays in Autocomplete for “Xerox A,” “Xerox B,” etc. Here is a screenshot:

Google Auto complete generally shows four results to most users, but tools like UberSuggest show 10, giving you deeper insight into any problems that may be lurking when someone types a letter after your brand name. Bookmark it! (Bonus: It is also an amazing keyword research tool to use for your SEO campaigns.)

2. IFTTT.com

I just really love handy little tools like IFTTT.com, which stands for “IF This, Then That,” an old programming staple. It indicates:

  • You create a rule
  • IF that rule occurs
  • Rich functionality and user-friendly interface;
  • THEN your desired action occurs;

For example, here are 2 of the most popular IFTTT recipes:

Facebook and Twitter

So, why this is a great tool for your ORM Toolbox? It always allows you to monitor websites pretty easily. For example, If I use IFTTT to monitor Wikipedia pages. I collect the RSS feed of the Wikipedia page, add that as the first part of the recipe, and set the rule so that anytime the RSS feed is updated, I automatically get an email in my inbox with a notification.

3. Complaint Site Search

You are probably known about the usual suspects when it comes to complaint websites, and I’m not the biggest fan, so I never want to give them the citations or links. They contain words like “complaints,” or “pissed,” and they can make life for both good and bad companies really challenging, as they often show up catchy in the search results.

We are present tracking over 50 complaint websites. These include the well-known properties as well as smaller sites that focus on slots like cheating/infidelity, multi-level marketing ceases and desist letters, etc.

Don’t you feel it is hardest task to do something that was born for a search engine that could go through the all complaint sites and it is even allow to identify brand and name mentions on them? We could not find a tool that easily did that, so we built a simple thing using Google’s Custom Search tool, and it is pretty awesome effective. Just plug your product name or brand and you’re off!

4. ImageRaider.com

If Google’s reverse image search were automatic and continual, it would be image raider. You simply upload your unique images to the site, and it will routinely crawl the Web looking for any websites that are using them. This can be the most powerful link-building tool.

5. KnowEm.com

We have found that a lot of small businesses have not claimed their social media name of choice across more than just Facebook and Twitter. And, even if they have, it rarely extends beyond the 4-5 big social media sites. It is a typical problem if someone is representing your brand on any website, big or small, and you should know about it.

Apart from this all, Sixpath Technologies have some premium tools which actually help to know what your customers stated about you can we improve the service by contacting customers making them to understand about your business. So what for you are waiting for? Sixpath is waiting for you to improve your business with Online Reputation Service

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