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The world around us is completely business world!! Yes even the number of employees working on so many technologies is there but the well known big shots are definitely “business magnets” who are leading well organized business. The key point for business is maintaining perfect Enterprise Resource Planning who we got to hear very frequently as ERP solutions. Number of ERP solutions is there in Hyderabad. Sixpath technologies is the best at providing excellent ERP solutions to the clients.

ERP Definition:

Enterprise Resource Planning is the integrated management. ERP integrates core business processes.

The business activities are as follows:

  • Product planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing of product
  • Sale of product
  • Inventory management
  • Materials management
  • Retail business
  • Shipping of products
  • Final payment
  • Finance we can do
  • Profit or loss in business
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ERP Components:

Components means the things get involved in ERP solutions. ERP Solution components are:

  • Well transactional database
  • Management portal or Management Dashboard
  • Referred Software
  • People

Features of ERP solutions:

The features of Enterprise Resource Planning are as follows:

  • ERP operates problem in real time.
  • ERP is an Integrated System- Integrates business processes.
  • ERP provides a consistent look.
  • ERP goes through all modules of business
  • ERP installs the system with elaborated application
  • ERP integrates data with the help of Information Technology.

Best Results of ERP in:

ERP system works in the following functional areas. These are the different ERP modules which are getting benefits of ERP techniques. Let us have a look on these ERP modules…

  • Management Accounting: Costing, cost management, activity based costing, budgeting.
  • Finance & Accounting: Payables including vouchering, matching and payment, receivables Cash Management and collections, cash management, Financial Consolidation, General Ledger, Fixed Assets.
  • Order Processing: Order to cash, inventory, shipping, order entry, credit checking, pricing, available to promise, sales analysis and reporting, sales commissioning.
  • Supply chain management: Supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, product configurator, order to cash, purchasing, inventory, claim processing, warehousing.
  • Project management: Project planning, work breakdown structure, billing, time and expense, performance units, activity management resource planning, project costing.
  • Customer relationship management: Sales and marketing, service, customer contact, commissions, call center support .CRM systems are not always considered part of ERP systems but rather Business Support systems (BSS).
  • Data services : Various "self–service" interfaces for customers, suppliers and/or employees
  • Manufacturing: Engineering, bill of materials, work orders, scheduling, capacity, manufacturing projects, manufacturing flow, product life cycle management, workflow management, quality control, manufacturing process.
  • Human resources: Recruiting, diversity management, retirement, separation, training, rostering, payroll, benefits, retirement and pension plans.
  • ERP Service with sixpath:

    Sixpath Technologies has a team of ERP solution Experts. Our expert first listen to the business man about their business requirement and enhance it. Based on their requirement our expert offers an excellent deployment and automation of software. Then automatically client will get the required ERP solution. A new client will turn to one of sixpath’s happy clients. This is what happening now. Come and get service from sixpath technologies for better Business.