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Aditya Manoj Yellisetty

Founder & Ceo


Company’s story remains great in the history!!!!!!

The growth of the company depends on the person who leads it. Our CEO Aditya Manoj Yelisetti has excellent leadership qualities and stands as a support for entire team. He believes, for building a better society around you, technology plays a key role. With this passion towards technology he pursued his Masters in Information Technology (Management) in USA and worked as a Senior Software Developer for Cambridge Associations. This experience helped to drive Sixpath Technologies to its acme.

Cohesive Vision of CEO

Logical Thinking and structural Algorithms for solving the problems of the customers and coming out with best appropriate results is biggest asset of the organization. Prominent Decision making, and marketing strategies are applied which yields objective and rational results.

He Believes that Competition Builds the Company

Sixpath Technology hopes in healthy competition. Without a competition the company cannot take greater challenges and risks. Dimension of the organization is based on its competitor. Notorious personality of our CEO made him successful at every stage. He thinks outside the box and approach to managed services was one of the most inspiring relations

Always Hardworking, Adaptable, Forward Looking ……